Drunken Frog

Drunken Frog is a Telegram chatbot (@drunkenfrog_bot) that enables users to search for the longest held portals of a given agent, or the longest held portals in a given region.  Agents use this tool to facilitate Guardian hunting.

The data needed to provide this information at a global scope can only be acquired by scraping. This is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Service.

The Ingress Terms of Service prohibit the use of “automation software, bots, spiders, crawlers, data mining tools, or hacks, tools, agents, engines, or devices of any kind” to “extract, scrape, or index the Services or Content (including information about users or game play)”.

During our initial investigation, @drunkenfrog_bot appeared to respond to any Telegram accounts registered to agents verified on ENL.rocks or v.enl.one, associations which were likely confirmed by API integration.  This interaction did not require permission or collaboration from either of these sites.

Since our initial discovery period the bot has been modified to allow access only to specific users, via membership in secure group chats, and possibly via a whitelist. As of this publication, our testers no longer have access to the functions of the bot.

Would you like to know more?

Incomplete log files from Drunken Frog document 593 requests against this data by 218 users.

The evidence of these requests refers to these agents by their Telegram ID.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are withholding the logs and screenshots.

Learn more about how the evidence was compiled on the Methodology page.